Basic Terms Related With Computer Programming Languages.

Today, I am going to post the basic things involved in computer programming languages.I am posting the basic things as simple questions with answers so that you can understand easily.So now without wasting much more time, let us check these basic concepts.

What is an Object ?

An object is an entity which can be identified with some characteristics and behavior.

What Is Data Abstraction? 

Abstraction is the process of hiding the details and representing only the essential features of an object that are relevant to the particular application.

What Is Encapsulation ? 

Encapsulation is the mechanism that binds together code and data it manipulates.

What is an Object ? Explain with an example. 

An object is an entity which can be identified with some characteristics and behavior. For example,  a Pen object can have characteristics ink color , type [ ink pen, ball pen, sketch pen etc ], Brand and its behavior is writing.

What attributes does an object have ? 

 An object has the attributes State and Behaviour.

What is encapsulation ? Explain with an example.

Encapsulation is the mechanism that binds together code and the data it manipulates and keeps both safe  from outside interference and misuse.For example , the variables and the related methods grouped together in a class.

What are Methods ? 

The functions through which the data  in the object is accessed are known as methods. They represent the behavior of the object. For example , dogs behavior can be represented by  methods bark() and wagTail().

How is the state of an object defined  in software form ? 

In the software form, the objects are implemented through variables and member variables. the values of these member variables define the state of that object.

How is the behavior of an object defined ? 

The behavior of an object is defined through its methods or member functions.

How do objects interact ? 

Objects interact with each other through messages. This message passing happens through the functions calls.

How are the state of an Object and its behavior related to each other ?  

The state of an object control its behavior and the behavior of an object can bring change in its state.

What is data hiding ? 

Data hiding refers to the ability in accessing the data associated with an object only through the member methods of the object and not by outside entity.

How are objects implemented in software terms ?

In software , objects are implemented as below::

1. A unique name is given to identify it uniquely.

2. Characteristics  or attributes are implemented through member variables .

3.Behaviour is implemented through member functions.

How are data abstraction and encapsulation related to each other ? 

Encapsulation is the way of implementing abstraction.

Data abstraction involves representation of the only required features without details , whereas data encapsulation is the art of wrapping up the data  and the associated functions with an entity , under a single unit. Data abstraction is the basis for data encapsulation.

What is an object factory?

An object factory is a generator of objects.

Explain the relationship between Classes and Objects.

A class is a blueprint for a software object.Objects are instances of classes.

How is an abstraction represented in software?

In software,a class represents abstraction of real world entity.A class is a wrapper for the attributes and behavior of similar kind of entities.

This was all about the basic things evolved in computer programming.If you guys have any doubt about the basic concepts,comment and ask.I would be glad to solve your issues.