Basic Things Involved In Java Programming Language.

Basic Things In Java Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented , platform-independent,multi-threaded programming environment initiated by James Gosling.It is the foundation for Web and networked services,applications,platform independent  desktops , robotics and other embedded devices. Java is being used in almost every computer development project.So taking this to serious today ,I have decided to write about the basic concepts of Java Programming.So now without wasting much more time,let us grab some knowledge about Java programming language.Java has three main Technology values that are :-

A Richer User Experience : The Java Platform provides the foundation of mobility.The  unique blend of mobility and security in Java technology makes it the ideal development and deployed vehicle for mobile and wireless solutions.

Basic Things Involved In Java Programming Language.

The Ideal Execution Environment For Web Services : The Java and XML languages are the two most extensible and widely accepted computing languages,providing maximum reach to everyone,everywhere,every time,right time and to every device and platform.

Enabling Business From Bottom To Top : Java technology offers a single ,unifying programming model that can connect all elements of a business infrastructure.

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Basic Goals In Creation Of Java Language :-

  • Java is simple ,object-oriented and familiar.
  • Java is simply robust and secure.
  • Java is architecture neutral and portable.
  • Java has high performance.
  • Java is interpreted,threaded and dynamic.

All The programs that are written in Java language are firstly compiled into a class file that contains bytecodes,the machine language of the JVM(Java Virtual machine).Java is supported by multiple hardware and operating systems that means that it can be used on any device.Yeah,It gives us the possibility to write  program once ,compile it once and then run it anywhere.Well, you need to know that this is done by compiling  the Java language code ,not to machine code but to Java’s Own byte-code that is interpreted by a Java Virtual machine written for the host hardware.

Now you might be thinking that what is JVM. Well, to define it we can say that it is a machine that interprets Java byte-code for a computer’s processor so that it can perform a Java program’s instructions.

As stated earlier Java is built so that it can allow application programs to run on any platform without thing to be rewritten or recompiled by the programmer for each separate platform.Well, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) makes this possible because it is aware of the specific instruction lengths and other particularities of the platform.

Types Of Java Applications

Well,To evaluate Java has two types of applications :

Internet Based Applications:This type of application run on the internet on your web browser when you surf internet.There are many internet based applications.

Stand Alone Applications: This is a stand-alone application that can run on any platform.Yeah,Java is platform independent.

What is BlueJ ?

Java is somewhat difficult to use.But by using BlueJ it is made kinda easy.It is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching.It was founded at a university specially for the purpose of object orientation Java programming language.

BlueJ is very useful tool for us.It has the following features :-

It Supports :-

  1. Fully Integrated environment,
  2. graphical class structure display.
  3. graphical and textual editing
  4. built in editor compiler,virtual machine,debugger .etc.
  5. easy to use interface,ideal for beginners.
  6. interactive object calls.
  7. interactive object creation.
  8. interactive testing.
  9. incremental application development.

So this was all about the basic things involved  in Java programming.Now if you have any problem in understanding these  basic then kindly comment ,I would be glad to reply you.


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