Python Modules for Beginners

Python Module is nothing but a group of logically organized Python code.By grouping related code make it easier for user to use and understand. Inside your Python Modules you can define Variable,Functions,Classes etc.
Take a look at the example given below

Python Modules

  • Save the following code as in your Desktop(name it whatever you want)
  • Python Modules
  • Here is your Modules file,it is just like our other simple python script ,but if we want to use this module in our script , you have to add it to our script.To add Modules we have to use built-in keyword i.e “ import “.Lets create another file named it as example2.
  • Python Modules
  • Here in above example the “import” statement import the module into your script to use it,and you’ll get the fallowing output according to your code
  • Python Modules
  • you can use “from module_name import funtion_name,variable_name etc.. ex–> from math import sqrt,pow,__name__
  • Python Interpreter search for a specific module when you import it,it search in current directory if not found then search in each directory define in PYTHONPATH, else search in default path directory.
  • When the interpreter encounters an import statement, it imports the module if the module is present in the search
    path. A search path is a list of directories that the interpreter searches before importing a module
  • If you want to see what is inside your module or any module just create a new file and type fallowing code as given in below image,it will output variables, function,classes that define in module
  • Python ModulesPython Modules
  • For more details you can visit python official website

Hope guys you will understand the concept of Python Modules clearly.Try to implement it with more code,and if you find any difficulty, feel free to drop a comment on this post.